Properties for Sale and Rent in Delft

Some factors to consider when buying a home are location, size, price and condition. Many expats find the homes smaller than what they're used to at home. The internet has listings of houses for sale but by hiring an estate agent* you will receive information about houses new to the market before they are listed, even on the internet. The real estate companies in Delft are going to help you make the right choice when managing your property.

Björnd Makelaardij

Bjornd Makelaardij in Delft

To determine the possible sales value of your home, you can also have a sales test carried out by Björnd Makelaardij. More information about the property to be sold? Do the sales test!
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Oude Delft Makelaar

Oude Delft Makelaar in Delft

Oude Delft Makelaardij finds the right home in Delft, The Hague and surroundings. Since 2005 Oude Delft Makelaardij provides the relocation of expatriates for multinationals in Delft, The Hague and Rotterdam.
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Reedijk Real Estate

Reedijk Real Estate in Delft

Are you looking for accommodation or do you want to rent out your property, then you are at the right place with Reedijk Real Estate! Reedijk Real Estate is the rental specialist in Delft and surroundings.
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