Car Rentals in Delft

The Car Rental companies in Delft are an easy way to discover the hidden secrets of this magical city. They will make the sightseeing days much faster and more convenient. You can use your rental car to visit the other local attractions which are just a few minutes away from Delft.

Economy Car Rentalst

Economy Car Rentals in Delft

Delft is a city full interesting museums, historic buildings and but also much more. On our Information Pages you can read what is worth a visit. You can plan your trips with peace of mind since your car rental will guide you anywhere you want.
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Köhler Car Rental B.V

Kohler Car Rental B.V. in Delft

Since 1930, Köhler Car Hire has been a family business for generations, specializing in the rental of cars, company cars and moving vans. History even goes back to 1876, when Jan Ph. F. Köhler started a factory for car and bodywork construction.
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Rentalcars in Delft

Small, practical and easy to park, economy cars are ideal for driving through busy city streets.
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