Horse Riding in Delft

We forget what it is like to see something for the first time but for littlies, every experience is a new experience. Taking your kids horse-riding will be an unforgettable experience for them and they will learn a lot about these magnificent creatures. Horse-riding in Delft is not only for children. Adults are also invited to join the party and bond with the animals.

Prometheus Ruitersport

Prometheus Ruitersport in Delft

Thank you for visiting our site. Would you like to horseback ride on our riding school? We give lessons in Dutch and English and welcome TU students.
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The Manege Prinsenstad

The Manege Prinsenstad in Delft

Besides instruction in Dutch and English, and boarding of horses, training and purchase or sale of horses, we offer an extensive program of competitions and events throughout the year.
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